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Comments (13)

Anonymous picture

This was certainly a wild ride of a movie. At least a few times I found myself on the edge of my seat wondering what could happen next and hoping something did or didn't happen.

Anonymous picture

This was an interesting movie. I never thought I would enjoy silent films, but I enjoyed this one.

Anonymous picture

This movie is AMAZING. So interesting, enthralling, engaging, Metropolis is the origin of what we know as sci-fi -- while still being deeply relevant today.

Shawn avatar

I love C-3PO in this.

Karlheinz avatar

This is an absolutely STUNNING classic. That something like this could be made 90 years ago, accurately depicting end-stage capitalism - incredible.

Anonymous picture

Interesting. The setup is textbook Marxism. but...plot twist...the Marxist plan leads to disaster.
Instead, they need a savior.

Anonymous picture

Maria has MASSIVE hands!

Anonymous picture

This movie didn't really interest me, I nodded off a couple of times

Chase avatar

Yes, Metropolis is considered one of the greatest films of all time, and, yes, Fritz Lang is considered one of the greatest auteurs of all time. Still, I don't think Metropolis (or Nosferatu, for that matter) garner enough popular adoration. This film is sincerely enthralling even considering ...Read more

Anonymous picture

The workers' plight is the logical (hyperbolic) extension of capitalism.

Anonymous picture

One of Fritz Lang's many masterpieces. This film is a stunning achievement and a must see on the big screen, if you get the chance. At last, we have a complete or near complete version of METROPOLIS.

Zanin avatar

Interesting. Got to say, the ending almost got my tears.

Anonymous picture

Liked the music, the acting, the representation of the workers life.